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Welcome to Mrs. Lento's Caterpillar Room!

Our room is not just any ordinary learning center—it's a vibrant hub of multi-sensory learning experiences designed to cater to the academic needs and interests of students from ages three to sixth grade. In our nurturing environment, we combine academic enrichment and remediation with recreational workshops to ensure a well-rounded educational experience.

At the heart of our curriculum lies a strong emphasis on literacy, which is the cornerstone of academic success. We are proud to employ a rigorous literacy program deeply grounded in research supported by the Science of Reading. From the youngest learners to upper elementary students, our program provides explicit and systematic instruction that is inclusive and engaging.

Our literacy curriculum is carefully structured to align with the science of reading and is organized around the 5 Pillars of literacy. Through deliberate scope and sequence, students develop foundational skills and fluency essential for proficient reading and comprehension.

In addition to our comprehensive literacy program, we offer a diverse range of enrichment activities. Students have the opportunity to explore Russian math instruction, experience the soothing benefits of sound bowl healing tailored for kids, and unleash their creativity in recreational art workshops.

Central to our learning environment is our student library, curated with care by Mrs. Lento herself. Each book has been thoughtfully selected to reflect the diverse interests, backgrounds, and experiences of our students. Our library is a treasure trove where students can immerse themselves in literature that speaks to them and nurtures their love for reading.

Furthermore, we provide a wide selection of decodable books to support students in actively practicing phonics patterns they have learned, reinforcing their literacy skills in a fun and engaging manner.

At Mrs. Lento's Caterpillar Room, we are committed to fostering a love for learning and empowering students to reach their full potential. Welcome to our vibrant community where every child's journey is celebrated and supported with enthusiasm and dedication despite their

speed of learning. 

                                                                                                                                                  About me ...
 Jasmin Lento, M.S. Ed.,Sped 
Master of Science Degree
in General Education & Special Education 
( Grade 1 - Grade 6)
My licenses consist of:
General and Special Education Grades 1-6
Early Childhood General and Special Education B-2
Mrs. Lento is Orton-Gillingham (associate level) 
 and Wilsons Fundations trained 
I have 10 years classroom experience in
New York City's public school system.
My experience is comprised of District 75 as well as General and Special Education community school settings. 
Additionally, I have three years experience in private practice where I was able to refine my practices based on Science and research. 
In addition to being an educator,
I have two children: a college Junior, and a First grader.   
With 21 years experience as a mother and 15 years experience as an educator, I was motivated to venture into private practice where I can offer specialized literacy instruction focusing on 1:1 and small group settings. 


"We are small in space, but big in thought" 


"The most common source of reading difficulties is poor phonemic awareness" -David Kilpatrick
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