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Welcome to Mrs. Lento's Caterpillar Room.
The Caterpillar Room specializes in early literacy Pre-kindergarten through grade 2. The Caterpillar Room program is based on the fundamental, scientific principles of literacy. With our program, early readers are immersed in a multisensory, literacy rich environment focused on synthetic phonics. Our program provides early readers with a solid foundation in reading based on the six pillars of literacy. The Caterpillar room literacy program has proven to not only prepare students for the demands of grade school literacy, but to also ensure students perform above grade level upon entering traditional school.   
In addition to our early literacy program, The Caterpillar Room offers 1:1, small group, and literacy clinics for students in Pre-k 3 through 6th grade. At the Caterpillar Room, grade school students are provided a rigorous, multisensory, literacy program tailored to the individual student. Our program is driven by ongoing collected data and addresses all learning gaps with consideration to the New York State learning standards while focused on the Science of reading (SOR). 
The Caterpillar Room also offers private early intervention for students and families seeking an alternative or additional  intervention for diverse learners. 
In addition to various literacy programs offered, The Caterpillar Room's most precious commodity is the student library. Mrs Lento; Director of the Caterpillar Room, has patiently hand selected each text in her literacy library. Our library is one that is reflective of students' interests, diverse backgrounds, and experiences.
In addition to our diverse library, we also offer a wide range of decodable books based on the science of reading.   
                                                                                                                                                  About me ...
 Jasmin Lento, M.S. Ed.,Sped 
Master of Science Degree
in General Education & Special Education 
( Grade 1 - Grade 6)
My licenses consist of:
General and Special Education Grades 1-6
Early Childhood General and Special Education B-2
Mrs. Lento is Ortin Gillingham and Wilsons Fundations trained 
I have 10 years classroom experience in
New York City's public school system.
My experience is comprised of District 75 as well as General and Special Education community school settings. 
Additionally, I have three years experience in private practice where I was able to refine outdated literacy practices based on data. 
In addition to being an educator,
I have two children: a college sophmore, and a kindergartner.   
With 20 years experience as a mother and 12 years experience as an educator, I was motivated to venture into private practice where I can offer specialized literacy instruction focusing on 1:1 and small group settings. 



"We are small in space, but big in thought" 


"The most common source of reading difficulties is poor phonemic awareness" -David Kilpatrick
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