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"I am so grateful that we found the Caterpillar Room! My son is 3.5 years old and is absolutely thriving from Mrs. Lento's small group sessions. Mrs. Lento is a passionate, thoughtful, and attentive educator, who has genuinely nurtured my son's development. The Caterpillar Room is a year round learning service and I would HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone interested. I fully expect the Caterpillar Room to supplement my son's education throughout his grade school life." -Raquel Mclean

"Run, don’t walk to see Mrs Lento! She has been absolutely incredible to my 5 year old son. Words can’t even express what she has meant to him this year. He has grown leaps and bounds and gained so much confidence with her. We see her weekly and everyday he asks me when we are going back. Her dedication to his success is so evident and she cares about him as if he were her own. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her and I’m so grateful we found her. I will sing her praises to anyone who asks!" - Clare Dwyer 

 "Our family was truly in need of a miracle, but god is good and our prayers were answered with you. Slowly but surely your kindness, understanding, expertise, hard-work and dedication broke through my sons issues and put him on a path of growth and learning. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and human." 

-3rd grade parent 

"I am elated that Mrs. Lento decided to open a private practice. She was god sent during the pandemic and my 3rd grader and I are so grateful we found her. As a parent, and full time remote employee, teaching my son had many challenges. Mrs. Lento who also happens to be a NYC 3rd grade teacher eased my fears of my son falling behind academically."

-3rd grade parent  

"As a fellow colleague of Mrs. Lento I am thrilled to see her venture off and start a private practice. We worked together in a 4th grade inclusion setting. Mrs. Lento is a responsive and reflective teacher. She will thrive with her private practice."

-3/4th grade Literacy Coach Ms. Dikirys Pichardo M.S. Ed., Students with Disabilities 1-6

"As a special education teacher for the NYC DOE, I had the privilege to work with Mrs. Lento for three years. During that time, it was easy to see how collaborative, and inquisitive she was. She always wanted to make sure that she knew anything that would and/or could benefit her students; and would always inquire about students she had, as many of my past students were then hers. Not only is she passionate about teaching, she exhibits great compassion for all individuals, especially her students. She always has her finger on the pulse of what each child’s incredibly obvious that she utilizes all of her knowledge, prior experiences, and innate gift of being an educator to provide exactly what each of her students need in order to be successful; both academically and socially. I can with sincere honesty go on and on about all of the wonderful qualities that Mrs. Lento embodies, as well as speak to her character, but I’ll just sum it up by saying that I would be fortunate to have any child in my family under the tutelage of Mrs. Lento.
Ms. Tanya Jansen M.S. Ed., Students with Disabilities 1-6, 2nd Grade Teacher

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