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Homeschool Program.
Schedule available.  
(60, 120 &150 minute)

Academic Clinics
Offered 1 weekend a month
1:8 Ratio 

1:1 Private Literacy Instruction

(60 or 120 min ) 


With 1:1 private instruction students benefit from quality interaction with the teacher where the student feels heard while eliminating possible distractions. Teacher has an opportunity to hone in on mastery of subjects by  being flexible and responsive to the students individual learning needs. 

Much like a sports clinic, Literacy clinics are organized to deliver explicit instruction in literacy. The idea is, to provide students with access to systematic synthetic phonics instruction and build on literacy skills based on the science of reading; building on

pre-requisite skills.

Clinics are organized by skill level and not by age or grade. 

Homeschool literacy programs offered during the school day; designed to meet the literacy needs of the homeschool community. 

Pre-existing homeschool pods welcomed.

Literacy pods are based on academic need. Custom schedule available. 

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